Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Scrap Space

Well I finally managed to get my scrap space to a place that I am pretty happy with. Its been a long process and I am sure as time goes on it will once again change! Are we ever happy with things the way that they are? I know that I am constantly changing the space that I create in. Well create might not be the right word...its been a while since I have actually had time to sit down and create, thus the my space became quite a mess. I am hoping to be able to get back to creating and scrapping memories for my kids. That being is my space!

This room used to be our dining room. All of the furniture from when it was a dining room in still in here. I am hoping to have my own space soon. IF we are ever able to do some updating to our home.
JetMax cubes that hold all my paper (well ALMOST all of it-yes that Creative Memories bag is fill of paper), stamps, ribbons, card making supplies...well you get the idea!

This is the area to the right of my table. Man it sure looked organized...but from the pictures it sure looks messy!!

And this is the area to my left.  It is made up of JetMax cubes that I put back to back.  The back side holds the things that I don't use often....refill protectors...etc.

Here is the back side of the cubes

And finally the last of the cubes....the set on the left holds all my pictures, which are in DESPERATE need of organizing!!  The right set of cubes is full of stuff for the kids to is the basket...has all kinds of kits we found at Michales they were the leftover kits from their kid crafting days.

So that is my ever changing space!!


Cindy said...

can i just say how jealous i am?! i love my scraproom... but yours is so neat and organized and everything has a place....... mine just looks like.... idk, like a tornado blew thru! lol

Melissa said...

LOVE IT! Wish I had that much space!

Kristine said...

Wow Laurie...My scrap space has a long way to go compared to yours!

Sandi said...

Okay, this is fabulous!!! No wonder you can make such adorable things!! I'm VERY impressed!! Great job!